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Welcome 2012! Apparently the world is ending, so I feel like my goal of getting all my debt paid off this year should be postponed until I find out for sure. Hah, wouldn't that be silly. So far this year has been somewhat productive, even if the projects I'm talking about are all hobby type jobs.

My WoW guild's website finally got an update. I moved the site over to MODX so hopefully some of the guild members can keep it updated more frequently than it has been the last several years.

This site has finally been changed to use the awesome Articles package put together by splittingred, it really lets MODX be a much easier platform to use when creating a simple blog site. Of course, once I started using it I decided I'd really rather write my posts in Markdown so I had to hack up Articles a bit to get that going. I'll try to put up a post soon about that soon. I really wanted to add it as an option to the Articles package, but that was just going to take too long. I may come back and take a look at doing it properly once I finally get some sleep.

In other news, I got an Xbox 360 for Christmas which is pretty awesome. Although now I have a whole new toy to help me have even less free time. I managed to make it almost an entire week before some "l33t h4x0r" figured out the horrible password I had on my windows live account that hadn't been changed in about 9 years. Waking up to e-mails from Microsoft thanking me for spending $135 was exciting. Luckily I got my password changed quickly (they were already trying to change the e-mail address tied to the account). I then contacted Xbox support and was actually quite pleased with how it was all handled. In the end, eventually (they said a few weeks) I will be reimbursed for the transaction and I got a couple free months of Xbox LIVE. That money was going to be put towards some new ice skates, so when that gets resolved you can find me out tearing up all the ice here in Austin, haha!


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