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Oh how I've missed my Texas Cookin'! Yes, the Guy Clark song pretty much sums up how I've felt about the cuisine since moving to Ohio. Sure, there are some places that have pretty good food, but I have yet to really be wowed.

So anyhow, this post is more just an update about what is going on. I'd really like to start updating this site more often, and I guess the best way is with lots of rambling and maybe, eventually, something coherent will appear and I can follow that track. It is probably more likely I will just find myself rambling on and on.

Since I am already rambling I guess I'd should talk about something specific. To start with, I have a few projects that had been previously shelved, but I would really like to get them back out and work on them. The first one will probably be the new DKP system I'd like to develop for my WoW guild. (And for those that didn't already know, I am a total World of Warcraft nerd!) The DKP system would be similar to how EqDKP works, but it will be built to be integrated with modx. Hopefully I can get this finished before the next expansion comes out so we can change to it at the same time. The other project that I'd like to get underway and hopefully finished up soon is a complete shopping cart solution specifically for modx. Not completely sure on the details as far as what types of options will be available, but I've had to write a couple of custom carts over the last couple of years and thought it would be nice to have something simple to build any future ones from. There are other things on my plate as well, but nothing more specific at the moment.

Finally to finish this post another quick segment about my upcoming trip! March 19-21 I will be in San Antonio to visit my parents. Of course, my parents will be there for all the fanfare surrounding the Tejano Music Awards... so lots of that will be going on. I'm most excited about seeing them and some friend, oh and of course, the FOOD. Yes, I love good food, and there are some fantastic restaurants in San Antonio. Although, I am a bit sad I won't be able to visit some of my favorites in Austin, that will just have to wait for another trip.

Well that is it for now, maybe I'll post some updates about my trip, or maybe even some other good stuff sooner than that!


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