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Howdy folks!

So this site has basically been gone for, oh, about 6 years or so. And, honestly, I doubt too many people have really missed it. There was never much here. Well, those that were used to nothing being here, hope I don't shake your world up too much! Some may ask, "What are you going to put up at now?" Well, to be honest I'm not exactly sure. It will partially be a place for mostly simple thoughts or rants about things, and then later I may add other 'stuff'.

For now there will not be flashy graphics (and there might never be). There will not be loads of content and there probably won't be anything of interest to anybody. What you might see, however, are my experiements with trying to write good CSS, and I may even post tips as I work my way through problems I encounter in my daily work and playing around with this site.

- Josh


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